Long time no post…

So yeah… It has been an age hasn’t it? I don’t really have any excuses other than my kids being 1 and 3 and my terrible attention span!

However now a new cultist appears, and of a different cult altogether! I have decided after much humming and hawing  to go with the Blessed Wormlings colour scheme from the old Genestealer Cult codex.

It has enough interesting colours and a muted enough palette that I feel quite happy with it. Also I churned out this guy in a day so hopefully I can manage an actual squad of not too bad a quality without feeling too bored.


Also they have quite interesting fluff (what little there is):

” This brotherhood feeds only on the beetles and segmented annelids that burrow through the loam of the graveyard world Masuchi Parr. They preach that, by embracing the fate of the most lowly creatures, they will find a humility that brings them closer to the Star Emperor”


So in my mind they are a like a less disgusting version of the Eaters from Iain M Banks novel; Consider Phlebas.

I’ll sign off by saying sorry for the massive gap in posting and for the terrible photo, as I don’t have my lightbox and i’m buggered if I know where it is!






Fourth Generation Hybrid breaks cover.

So here’s one guy done! The more astute amongst you might notice his head has been swapped. The cultist head I was originally using had lost some face detail and I wasn’t happy leaving it on. I think this skitarii head fits him perfectly though.

To All Things A Beginning.


Hello there human

This is my very first post about a subject that has been very close to my heart for a long, long time. 

The Genestealer cult was once just a pipe dream to my young mind.

Starting out with 2nd edition 40K and my box of identical Blood Angels and Goff Orks (plus gretchin of course) I quickly expanded into painting other models terribly as well. Including but not limited to: Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines and Eldar. 

2nd edition cover art, Bitchin’ no?

But there were always models and races that seemed to be entirely out of reach at the time, land raiders were a thing of myth and kit bashing only, and Harlequins were so long out of print, that I couldn’t get my grubby little hands on them without the use of the Internet services I take for granted these days.

Look at these jazzy space elves!

All of this is just a circuitous way of saying that amongst all these things I couldn’t have, the Genestealer cult were top of the list. I had seen pictures in old copies of white dwarf (snaffled up from boot sales with Boglin selling money) of what appeared to be mafia inspired cults of hybrid aliens, rolling around in an armoured limo and pimped out with golden chains. Needless to say this was very fucking cool to my 11 year old brain.

A particularly funky example of a khornate genestealer Cult.

 Now here comes the actual point of my post, nearly 20 years on (yikes) and a year or so since I came back to the hobby. I get my chance to build a proper cult from the new (excellent) deathwatch cult models. I think GW have done a great job of keeping the feel of the original models but also bringing them up to date with a different theme, namely less mafia crime syndicate and more mining colony gone horribly wrong. I’m excited to get started with this project and I hope you will join me on this journey through nostalgia into reality.

thanks for taking a look at this fledgling blog, I’m optimistic that it will expand into something beautiful.



All pictures here belong to Games workshop or whatever.